Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cognos 10 Audit Extension tool

The c8AuditExtension tool which is provided(as-is) by the Proven Practices team has now been upgraded for use with the C10.1 libraries. The upgraded tool can be found at this location.

Brief Description:

A IBM Cognos 10 SDK application that provides enhanced auditing for IBM Cognos 10 BI. The version of the application is 1.0.05 and it will work with IBM Cognos 10 BI versions 10.1 and up. The standard auditing features that come out of the box with IBM Cognos 10 BI cover many aspects of operation. However, some areas such as the auditing of users and capability assignments are not included. The aim of the c10AuditExtension application is to provide additional auditing for these areas.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proven Practice: Create Custom Palettes in IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio

There is a new Proven Practice published for creating custom palettes in Cognos 10.1 BI. It should be noted that there was a similar document for C8.x, but the process is different for C10.1.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

SDK sample to set query mode on a published package

This is a guest post by Mrunal Lohar who works with the IBM Cognos Lifecycle Manager team. Views are personal. Code sample is provided as-is.

IBM Cognos 10 offers key query optimizations to address query complexity and data volumes with improved query execution by introducing a new query mode called as Dynamic Query Mode ((along with the existing one i.e Compatible)). IBM Cognos Framework manager is a tool through which a user can publish their packages to use dynamic query mode. There is currently no way to change package/model's query mode on Cognos portal. This sample SDK code can be used to programatically set or change query mode at package level.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top 10 Proven Practices for June 2011

1. The IBM Cognos 10 Dynamic Query Cookbook

A single point of reference for techniques and product behaviours when dealing with the Dynamic Query Mode delivered with IBM Cognos 10.

2. IBM Cognos 8 BI Dimensional Functions

Obtain a better understanding of Cognos 8 BI Dimensional Functions with this article, which describes function definitions, function groupings and deployment of function samples. The functions and sample data in this article apply to Cognos 8 Report Studio.

3. Dynamic Sorting of a List within IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio

Apply dynamic column sorting on a list using custom IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio toolbox items with this technique.

4. Approach to the IBM Cognos 8 SDK

Create simple utility applications or full-scale, highly complex applications using the Cognos 8 Software Development Kit (SDK). This document focuses on the elements needed to get started with the SDK.

5. Using JavaScript to Pass Multiple Values to a Textbox Prompt within IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio

Allow users to pass multiple values provided to an IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio textbox prompt using this JavaScript technique.

6. IBM Cognos 8 Audit Extension

Enhance auditing of your IBM Cognos 8 with this SDK application. This application is version 1.5.05 and it will work with IBM Cognos 8 BI versions 8.3 and up.

7. Customizing IBM Cognos 10 Login

Use one of these examples to customize the Cognos 10 login page. This document is meant to supplement the Security and Administration Guide of IBM Cognos 10. The examples provided shall support the understanding of the possibilities and flexibility this great new feature offers.

8. IBM Cognos BI - Improve Performance for Interactive Relational Data Access

Improve the performance of IBM Cognos BI studios (Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Report Studio Express) when authors and analysts deal interactively with relational data sources, using these guidelines and techniques.

9. Dynamic Reporting with Role-based Security

Role based security is described as user-level security which focuses on the logical role of a user rather than the user’s individual identity. The IBM Cognos 8 security model allows you to manage users as member of roles and groups. This article provides an outline of the steps that need to be taken in order to create reports and models that provide user-level security.

10. Performance Tuning Settings for IBM Cognos 8 BI

Learn about the properties and settings that can be used to optimize IBM Cognos 8 performance. The information in this document is intended to act as a guideline and is subject to change based on continued testing of IBM Cognos 8.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New devWorks article on TM1 Data Reservation

A colleague has published an article on a new TM1 9.5.2 feature called Data Reservation.

Data Reservation (DR) is used to reserve regions of a cube by a particular user. Once reserved, a region can only be modified by that user. So it is often necessary to know which users have data reservations on which cubes. This article describes a method to create a cube listing all the data reservations on all available cubes in a TM1 server.

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