Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cognos 10 - SDK Compatibility Libraries

Cognos 10 has replaced Axis 1.1 with Axis 1.4 as it's internal SOAP engine. This has caused some library calls to change. If you are upgrading C8 SDK code to C10, there are two ways to go about this:

1. Use the new libraries based on Axis 1.4 (recommended): The changes that need to be done are all documented in the SDK Developer Guide in the "Upgrading SDK Applications" chapter. We just upgraded a report merging utility using those guidelines.

2. Use the SDK Compatibility Libraries: If you are in a hurry to upgrade but do not have enough time or resources to make the necessary changes to the code, you can simply link to these libraries (found in the sdk-compat directory, I think). These will internally use Axis 1.1. Though this technique is beneficial in the short run, upgrading the SDK applications, to Axis 1.4, in a phased manner, will be better.

Do note however, that all Cognos SDK samples will use the Axis 1.4 based libraries only.


  1. Where can i download cognos sdk 10 for free. It is pretty urgent.

  2. I'm in exactly that situation. I've begun the upgrade process but have run out of time and am unable to complete the necessary code changes in time.

    How would I link to the Axis 1.1 libraries?

    Thank you for the Blog post.. any help would be appreciated.

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