Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My last post from SWU 2010.

Was attending the Smart Distribution track in the SWU 2010 event and it is apparent that like other businesses, even in this sector, the lack of insight will be a very big hindrance in the years to come. Couple that with the growth that all Indian industries are going through and we have a scenario where the CEO and all his people will need a very non-conventional approach with people, processes and products, to be successful. Smarter Planet seems more like a paradigm shift in the right direction.

"Agility" was the keyword when IBM was using the On Demand Software theme but they have now graduated to a more refined approach assisted with the current and upcoming trends in automation, connectivity and predictive analytics. The solutions that are being suggested are radical and complex, but the business scenario is also as challenging and such hi-tech, innovative solutions are the need of the hour.

An India specific approach to the Smarter Planet might be in the offing considering the unique scenarios we face in this country. There will be tweaks to these offerings as they get accepted by the businesses in general. It is my hope that these tweaks are innovations and ideas which IBM can take back to it's global customers. After all, it is only in India that we give missed calls and we have banks that go to the customers. We are just so unique !

By and large SWU 2010 was fun ! The kind of things you get to hear from the industry leaders is just so amazing ...

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