Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The cogstartup.xml is found in the Cognos 'configuration' folder. That folder is found in the Cognos installation directory. This means there will be a cogstartup.xml on every machine where a server install takes place. Modelling components do not need the file.

This file is the one which holds all the configuration data that you enter in Cognos Configuration. That includes dispatcher URLs, gateway URLs, Content Store information, mail server configuration, ports used by the Cognos service, namespace information, certifcate authority information, etc. Basically, everything that you can enter in Cognos Configuration makes it's way to this file. Cognos will automatically keep timestamped versions of this file.

The best way of knowing whats in that file is .. to open it in an XML editor. You should note that the Content Store database access information is encrypted and so are other passwords. That is done as soon as the information is entered in Cognos Configuration and the Save button is pressed.

Apart from being asked for by support, the only other time when you see this file is when the Cognos cryptographic keys expire. There is a detailed procedure to fix that problem and it can be easily found in the documentation.

Again, as for the other files, if you have a multiserver installation, please make sure you label the files appropriately so that the support analyst knows the origins of the file.

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