Monday, July 5, 2010

Problems connecting to Oracle data sources.

Many customers (mostly first time customers) face challenges connecting to their Oracle data sources from Cognos. A thing to note, is that these are configuration issues and very rarely product defects. This is basic functionality so it goes through a great deal of regression testing. There is very less chance for database connectivity to be a defect.

The most frustrating part with this connectivity issue is that it is pretty difficult to detect the configuration setting that is causing it. The problem can lie anywhere: user permissions, Oracle client installations, environment variables, Oracle settings, etc. The best way to deal with this is using the checklist approach; you checkout one factor at a time.

The best checklist can be found in this technote:

In most cases, we have found this technote to resolve the connection problem. As and how we discover newer problems, we make it a point to update the technote. So you can be very sure that this technote covers most of the ground.

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