Friday, July 9, 2010


The cmplst.txt is the first thing most Cognos BI support analysts will ask you. In fact, even if they don't I suggest you pass them this file any way. The cmplst.txt is a component list in a text format. Cognos is made up of various components; the cmplst.txt states what all components are present in a certain installation and their versions. You will find the cmplst.txt in the Cognos installation folder. It is very easy to spot.

Some of you might not have access to the Cognos installation folder. In such scenarios, you can also see the cmplst.txt using the following URL format:

This works nicely in a single server setup. For a distributed install, it is better to go for the text file.

The main information that can be derived from the cmplst.txt is the fixpack level you are on. This information is available in the first two sections of the cmplst.

For example:

[Product Information]

C8BISRVR_name=Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Server

[Product Update Information]

C8BISRVR_UPDATE_name=Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Server Update

What all can we derive from these two paragraphs ?

1. This is an AIX 64-bit install - C8BISRVR-AX64-...

2. It is version 8.4 - C8BISRVR-AX64-ML-RTM-

3. Fixpack2 has been installed on top of the 8.4 base install

FP1: C8BISRVR-AX64-ML-RTM-8.4.28.xx-x

4. Only the BI server has been installed. No gateway here.

This information is used by the support analyst when he/she is trying to recreate an issue in the labs. So knowing the exact fixpack level and component levels is crucial.

The later sections have much more information which is useful if a defect is found through a PMR and it goes to development. Development works on components, so if they want to fix some defect, they need to know the exact build level of the component.

The above facts make the cmplst.txt a very important part of any diagnosis of a Cognos BI issue. Next time you raise a PMR, make sure you pass it along. Also, if you have a distributed install, it makes sense to send the cmplst.txt for each Cognos installation. That should be bundled with an architecture diagram and each cmplst.txt should be renamed so that the analyst knows the origins of that cmplst in your architecture.

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